Sunday 22 February 2015

Riad la Famille, a Cozy Riad in the Medina of Marrakech

Here we are letting you know one of our favorite riads in Marrakesh, Riad la Famille.
Just as its name says, this riad is run by a family in Marrakech.
You will feel like you're invited to a true Moroccan family's house!

Lobby of the riad
Something typical about this riad is, the small fountain in the middle of the lobby. It seems the owner likes this white and red color combination.

The entrance of the riad. Just like other riads in Marrakech, no sign, no specific indicantions, it's just like someone's home.

Welcome tea
Right after you arrive in the riad, you will be welcomed with tea and cookies. This is my favorite, fekkas (biscotti) ! You should try this at least once in Morocco.

Red twin room
This is a red room, since this riad has just opened in the recent years, the walls and floors seem still new.

Big bathroom with bathtub, which is unusual for this type of small riad.

Riad la Famille, Upper floor
Upper floor
Go up the stairs, then you'll get to the upper floor. It still seems like a typical house in Morocco.

Room with blue color
This is another twin room, painted with blue color. Each room has its own taste.

Bathroom of the blue room
Here also the bathroom is very unique. I've never seen a riad's bath with such a pillar! It also has a bathtub, and the ceramic sink is very beautiful.

Shower room
Another example of a unique bathroom. Look at the shape of this shower room! Colorful sunshine is coming in through the colored-glass window.

Rooftop terrace
Rooftop terrace
When you come to a riad, you should go up to the rooftop. They'll have a nice cozy terrace, you can spend a day as much as you want with  a hot tea.

So many riads in Marrakech, maybe 1,000 or more. But if this will be the riad you're looking for, please let us know!

Riad la Famille
213 Arset Ali Ou Saleh Bab El Khamis - 40 000. Marrakech, Morocco

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