Sunday 25 January 2015

Try Henna and Tea in Marrakesh, Morocco!

Henna tattoo is very popular in Marrakesh, I think everyone wants to try just one time to see how it's like.

But asking at a lady on the street is a little risky. Does the henna have a good quality? Can she draw well? So we are taking you to a cafe where you can experience very safe authentic henna tattoo!

Henna art
Fist of all, henna is a name of plant, very common in the Northern Africa or India. They make powder with henna leaves and when you mix it with water, you will be able to dye your hair or draw pictures on your hand.

It's not permanent, it'll go away in a week, local ladies think it as one of cosmetics. Drawing pictures on your hand is usually called henna tattoo, but it 's totally safe and healthy, it'll be one of your good memories while travelling in Morocco.

Henna Cafe
This is Henna Cafe, located right in the middle of the medina in Marrakesh. They have a nice terrace on the upper floor and you will be able to experience henna art while having tea or coffee.

henna arthenna art

First, pickup a design from their original brochure. Many of them are flowers and plant patterns and some includes traditional Berber symbols.

Henna artist
A local lady draws the picture deliberately on the back of your hand. Generally, there's no school or teacher, they learn it on their own. The technique differs depending on the artist.

Henna art is getting done
What you see it still putting henna on your hand. When it's done, wait a little while to get dry and wipe out the powder. Then beautiful pattern will be appear on your skin.

Moroccan tea
Moroccan tea
Having tea in the media is one of the best things to do in Morocco. Just wait for a while with tea, chatting with your friends just like Moroccans. The henna artist will put you her finishing touch with lemon juice, which will make your tattoo more vivid.

henna in Marrakesh
Henna art completed
When you wipe it off, you will see the pattern on your skin. This is orange, and there are other several colors. Every morning you see it, you'd feel like you are a bit different person. 

Please contact us if you'd like henna tattoo during your tour in Marrakesh!

Sunday 11 January 2015

New Year's Eve Party in Sahara Desert, Morocco

Every New Year's Eve, we have a big party in the desert hotel or camp site in Sahara Desert, Morocco. Here's one of them, a party in Hotel Nasser Palace in Merzouga.

Fire in the courtyard
The party starts in the big courtyard with a swimming pool. The desert night is so cold, but doon't worry! Fire in huge drum cans make us warm.

New Year's Eve Dinner table
To celebrate the New Year's Eve, we have the dinner at a traditional style restaurants. The menus are harira soup, Moroccan salad, lamb tajine, and many sweets and fruits. Wines are also included.

Santa Claus appears
In the desert, Santa Clause comes on the New Year's Eve to give us presents. He will hand you a gift to each one of you!

Belly dancers
Belly dancing is also one of the highlights of the party. This time, 3 dancers arrived from Spain!

Traditional music
And don't forget our traditional music. You can never experience the same thing anywhere but here in the world. Please join them for playing drums, singing, or dancing.

Coundown fireworks
At the end of the countdown, the fireworks spark in the sky with the clear moon and stars.

New Year's Day
When the night is over, the desert is as quiet as usual and you can spend your New Year's Day in this cozy courtyard as long as you want.

New Year's decoration
At the end and the beginning of the year, the desert is always in the festive mood. In this place at this period, you will have a lifetime experience you will never forget for the rest of your life. This year end, come and join us to spend your last day of the year!

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