Tuesday 3 February 2015

Marrakesh Cooking Class is Waiting for You!

Morocco is famous with its local unique food, and you'll have a chance to cook it on your own in a cooking class in Marrakesh!

First, you will go to a souk (old market) to buy vegetables and meat.
Then, at one of the riads in the medina, a Moroccan cook will show you how to make tajine, a Moroccan's traditional stew.
You'll cook it on your own and eat it for your lunch or dinner.
This is a great chance to learn Moroccan cuisine, some Arabic words, and enjoy your original tajine!

Kitchen in a riad
Riad is an old house turned to a hotel, its kitchen is exactly like the one in a Moroccan's house.

Kitchen utensils
Some of the kitchen utensils are traditional ones. As for tajine pot, there are various shapes and sizes, small ones are used for condiments on a table, such as cumin powder.

Prepare vegetables
Very basic vegetables for tajine is onion, tomato, carrot, and potato. And add anything you like so that it looks nice. Meat can be chicken, beef or lamb. And don't forget to add a lot of olive oil!

Cut vegetables
The secret of tajine is natural taste of vegetables. Don't have to add a lot of condiments, if you stew it long time in a tajine pot, vegetables will show you a magical taste!

Tajine with chicken and various vegetables

Stew it at least 30 minutes, 1 hour if you have time. Olive and peas are also favorite ingredients. Then Bon appetit! We don't use fork or spoon, take it with Moroccan bread.

You will be able to get a tajine pot in a souk for yourself. Please try your own tajine at home!

Please contact us if you're interested in a cooking class in Marrakesh.


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