Saturday 29 June 2013

Chefchaouen, Blue Town in the Rif Mountains!

Chefchaouen is just a small town in the Rif Mountains in the north Morocco, but so many people want to visit here just one time during their trip.
This town is very famous with its "blue" houses. Once you get into the medina, you'd feel like you are in a fantasy world!

Walls and the doors of the buildings are painted in blue. The medina, old town, looks even more mysterious!

It's a small town on the hill side of the Rif Mountains. People are attracted by its atomosphere.

Somehow it looks beautiful even at night and also, very safe.

The kasbah, the fortress of the sultan is in the center of the town. This place has a long history, based on this kasbah, the Islams fought against Europe.

Outside of the medina, the streets are also very complicated and something like a maze.

Medina's gate. Out of this place, just quiet mountains and small rivers. So peaceful!

Visit Chefchaouen with us!
Chefchaouen Day Trip

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Friday 21 June 2013

Fossil Museum in Erfoud, Back in Jurassic Time!

If you drive through the city of Erfoud, you'll see huge models of dinosaur in front of buildings here and there. These are fossil museums, which is one the Erfoud's must-visit places.
The city locates on the quite old land and the fossils have been excavated since long time ago.
Let's visit the museum and meet ammonites and dinosaurs!

This one could be a fake, but there must have been this type of dinosaurs in the Jurassic period. Looks like Tyranno? But unfortunately, Tyrannos don't belong to the Jurassic period.

This is one of the museums. It has models, could-be-true fossils, and products made from fossils!

Ancient insects? Huge!

Seems like tadpoles but also quite big!

A kind of fish. This place was used to under the sea.

A kind of crocodiles. Ancient crocodiles had legs and they were walking around like dinosaurs!

Small fossils are sold here.

And they also have alabaster. It's almost transparent, good to make lamps.

Stones with fossils can be curved into furniture. You'll see tables and basins made of fossil stones!

Let's visit the fossil museum with us!
Fossil Mine and Factory

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Sunday 16 June 2013

Kelaa M'Gouna, Enjoy Kasbahs and Rivers!

Kelaa M'Gouna is a small town in South Morocco and famous with its Rose Festival in May.
And also, the valleys and the moutains in the area are great for trekking.
Let's enjoy the beautiful nature of Kelaa M'Gouna together!

On the main street "Kasbah Road", you'll find shops for rose waters. Many tourists car stop here to take a break and see small factories which are making waters. If you'd like to know real Kelaa M'Gouna, you need to be a little away to the valley!

Kelaa M'Gouna is a town with restaurants, shops, and bank offices. This is the entrance of the great nature.

Local market is full of local products. Berber people get together to sell their foods, clothes and daily products.

Old kasbahs, which are almost ruins are here. Now it's a part of a beautiful scenery.

If you go deep in the valley, you'll find cozy kasbah hotels, auberges. It's nice to be here at least for a few days.

Lunch in a kasbah. Share a couscous!

This is a view from one of the famous kasbahs, Kasbah Itran. Think about the morning you'll have with this great view!

Let's visit Kelaa M'Gouna with us!
Kasbahs & Oases from Erfoud / Merzouga
Kasbahs & Oases 1 Night 2 Days from Ouarzazate

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Saturday 15 June 2013

Cascades d'Ouzoud, Haven from Heating Marrakech!

It's getting hotter and hotter in Marrakech!
If you stay there a little while, you may need a break from the heat.

Cascade d'Ouzoud is 2 or 3 hours drive away from Marrakech, you can see huge water falls there!
Green mountains around the great falls are also so nice to walk around.
It's time to spend some relaxing time in Cascade d'Ouzoud!

To get to Cascade d'Ouzoud, go north from Marrakech. The mountain view is very different from Atlases and also very beautiful.

Walk a small mountain street to get to the waterfall view point. Nice to walk along, local restaurants and gift shops are on your right and left. Orange juice is also popular here, like Djemaa el Fna in Marrakech.

Looking up the waterfall. In the weekend, a lot of local people visit here to feel the cool breeze from the waterfall.

Down there in the river, you can enjoy boat riding. It's a good idea to stay overnight here for camping!

There's a way to look down the waterfall. Both views are amazing!

And tajine lunch in a local restaurant. This is a kefta (meatball) tajine. Keep an outdoor table under the tree and enjoy your lunch or tea!

Let's visit Cascade d'Ouzoud with us!
Cascade d'Ouzoud

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Thursday 13 June 2013

Riad Des Droles in Marrakech, Oasis in Medina

Here we are showing you one of our favorite riads in Marrakech, Riad Des Droles.
it's not like other famous luxury riads, the price is reasonable, but still you can feel the real beauty of a riad in Marrakech.

The corridor is beautifully decorated with furniture and plants. The lamp seems a little African.

Each room has a different color. This is a red room. The curtain makes this place something special.

This is a blue room. When you are three, this sofa can be another bed.

The roof top terrace is also relaxing, overlooking the medina in Marrakech.

Looking down the courtyard from the upper floor. the staff are very friendly! You can just visit by to enjoy the atmosphere.

The shower room. Small but also beautifully decorated. I love those brass faucets.

This is the entrance. It's always difficult to find a riad in the medina of Marrakech :-)

Riad des Droles
Derb Dabachi, Derb Jdid n 23 Medina Marrakech

Let's visit Marrakech with us!
Imperial Cities & Desert Camping
Marrakech Day Trip

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Sunday 9 June 2013

Volubilis, Roman Ruins and UNESCO World Heritages Site!

As you already know, Morocco has so different many faces just in one country and this is another famous one.
Volubilis, well preserved Roman ruins and one of the UNESCO World Heritages sites!

Once it was a very important Roman city in North Africa, and it had been a major city in this region until Islam arrived in Morocco.
Let's walk among the ruins and see how people lived about 2,000 years ago!

A temple for Jupiter (Zeus), Juno (Hera), and Minerva (Athen). Huge columns are the symbol of Volubilis.

Basilica. Used to be a courthouse. In ancient times, a lot of shops and houses are around here.

Triumphal arch at the time of Hadrian. This is the end of the major road of the Volubilis city.

Volubilis is very famous with its floor mosaics. You'll see Hercules, Bacchus or familiar characters in the Greek myth.

A part of public bath. Roman people loved bath, just like hammam in modern Morocco, people love to chat and spend their good time here.

Olive was grown and processed in the city, it was a very important industry, just like modern Morocco! The land is peaceful and fertile. Romans must have been so happy in this prosperous city.

Visit Volubilis with us!
Meknes and Volubilis Day Trip
Just one hour drive from Meknes, you can also visit nearby Moulay Idriss.

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Thursday 6 June 2013

Kasbah Ait Ben Damiette in Skoura, Beautiful Experiences

You can find a lot of nice kasbah hotels in Morocco.
But this Kasbah Ait Ben Damiette is not only beautiful as a hotel, you can see how the owners make this place special, and you'll certainly feel it's hard to leave here just after a short stay.
Let's get into the fascinating world in the middle of the green oasis!

The facade of the Kasbah Ait Ben Damiette is like a small castle in an European countryside. From here, you're already in the dream world.

Ground floor for restaurant and cafe. Warm lights are so beautiful. Their kitchen is right next to this place and when you smell your dinner getting ready, somehow feel like home.

Rooms are also like medieval. Rather big for 2 people, each room has a cozy sofa.

Meatball tajine with rice. Very well refined taste, it reminds you the owners are French!

Beautiful scenery from the roof top. Mountains with snow are far over there. It's like the world is yours, you're a prince or princess in the countryside. This kasbah hotel will sure give you dream days.

Let's visit Skoura with us!
Kasbahs & Oases
Kasbahs & Oases 1 Night 2 Days

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Wednesday 5 June 2013

Imlil Trekking from Marrakech! Perfect Break in the Summer

Getting hotter and hotter! We'll let you know another nice break from the heat in Marrakech. Imlil is at the foot of the Mount Toubkal, the highest peak of High Atlas, and you can enjoy a short hiking for a day.

When you get out of Marrakech, the first stop is here, Lake Lalla Takerkoust. It's a small, quiet lake. If you stand by there, you can enjoy cool breeze coming from the lake. Popular destination for local people in Marrakech, cozy restaurant is just along the lakeside.

You'll get through Berber villages to get to Imlil, and you can find a stork and its nest along the way.

Looking up high white Mount Toubkal, Imlil trekking starts here at Imlil village. A guide will show you how to walk or you can take a mule ride just as you like.

Having a tea break under the green trees is also a nice idea.

Moulay Brahim Gorge is a place you can enjoy the view while driving. Bigger and wider than Dades or Todra Gorge, another fascinating scenery in Morocco.

You can take a break in Asni Village. This is the start and ending point of amazing Atlas world.

Let's get to Imlil with us!
Imlil Day Trip

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