Friday 17 January 2014

Walk in Tangier Medina, Find a Cozy Cafe!

In recent years, Tangier in Morocco is becoming a modern new city with big buildings but right in the center of the city, its medina is still the same as hundreds years ago and we can walk in the same street where some famous Western writers or artists walk.

Let's walk in the medina of Tangier with us!

Mediterranean Sea from Kasbah
From the top of the medina, you can look over Tangier old port and the Mediterranean Sea.

Outer wall of Medina
Just like other medinas in Morocco, Medina in Tangier is surrounded by military walls. It's well reconstructed and easy to see how it was in the old times. On top of the walls, they still have batteries.

Petit Socco
Petit Socco is the main square in the center of the medina. You can start and end the medina walking here. The medina in Tangier is not so big. Hotels, restaurants. cafes, gift shops, local people's markets are all together in the small area. Just by hanging around a few hours, you'll have a lot of interesting experiences.

Cafe Central
The famous Cafe Central is here on the Petit Socco. This place was a favorite spot of an American writer William Burroughs while he was living in Morocco. Tangier is just right across Spain, easy to get from Europe, and still has an Islamic exotic atmosphere. Writer Paul Bowels, or Musicians such as Rolling Stones loved this city and we might be strolling around the same place with them!

Fish market
Something different about Tangier from other medinas is it has a covered fish market. You'll see a huge varieties of fish and understand Moroccans here are real fish eaters!

From Petit Socco to Kasbah is just a 10 or 15 minutes walk. This was used to be a Sultan's palace in the 17th century. Now the palace is open to public as a museum.

New Port, Tangier Mediterranean
For your information, most of the ferries to and from Spain depart and arrive in this Tangier new port, called "Tangier Mediterranean" or "Tangier MED". It's a nice, clean big port but 1 hour diver away from the Tangier city! If you're planning to visit Tangier city before or after the ferry, be sure to have enough time, maybe better staying one night in Tangier.

Visit Tangier and all around Morocco with us!

Saturday 4 January 2014

New Year's Eve Party 2013 - 2014 in a Morocco Desert Hotel

Every year on 31 December, we're having New Year's Eve parties in hotels and camp sites in the Sahara Desert of Morocco.
Here's one of them, a desert hotel Nasser Palace's New Year's Eve party 2013 - 2014.

Couryard of the hotel
Once you get into the courtyard, it's so different.
This is the biggest night of the year in a desert town Merzouga.

Restaurant with New Year's decoration
We have a special New Year's Eve dinner in the restaurant. People from Europe, America, Asia, together enjoy traditional Morrocan food.

Berber music show
Berber music show with drums. Local Moroccans easily join the band. Why not you!?

Traditional tajine dish
Today's mail dish is tajine with ramb and prune. Usually Moroccans don't drink, but this tajine goes very well with red wine.

Cake for the New Year celebration
At the moment of countdown, celebration with fireworks and a big cake and fruit.

Music and dance never ends
Local Moroccans are good dancers. Music and dance goes on until the morning of the New Year Day comes!