Wednesday 11 February 2015

Hamam and Spa Experience in Marrakesh, Refresh Yourself!

Hamam must be one of the things you'd definitely want to try in Morocco. It is a traditional steam bath, you can find anywhere in the cities in Morocco and here in Marrakesh, luxury hamam and spas are waiting for you to have a totally relaxing time.

Moroccan Fragrances
Moroccan fragrance

We visited one of the best hamam & spa in Marrakesh, Heritage Spa. It's right in the middle of the medina,. you might just walk by if you don't know that's exactly the place you are looking for.

Heritage Spa in Marrakech
Entrance of Heitage Spa
You will need a reservation since you will have a private hamam and spa room. Before the start, staff will ask you what type of massage you'd like and you can choose soap and oil for own your hamam and spa experience.

Moroccan soaps and oils
Pickup soap and oil for yourself
You might need to have some idea what kind of soap or oil they have in Morocco. As for soaps, black olive soap called "Savon Noire" is very popular, or you will be able to choose argan soap. also one of the specialties in Morocco. Oils are orange blossom, amber and musk, or sandal wood, so on. Some of them have a very deep Oriental scent.

Changing room in Hamam & Spa
Changing room
After picking up an soap and an oil, you'll be taken to this changing room. Bathrobe, slippers, and disposable underwear is here.You don't have to bring anything on your own.

Entrance to Hamam
To the hamam room
A lady will take you to a hamam room. You'll be impressed to find everything is nice and clean. the traditional Moroccan style courtyard is also worth seeing.

Hamam room
Hamam room
You just need to lie down on a hot stone, that will make you very warm. A lady will wash you with the soap you have chosen. You'd feel like all the bad things around you, not only outside, also inside, are washed away.

Lady for hamam
Washing lady
Just like all the Moroccans, staff here are so nice and friendly. The lady helped me take photos.

Saloon in hamam
Traditional style saloon in Hamam

Teatime in hamam
Tea time
Between the hamam and spa, a little break with tea and sweets. Morocco's sweet mint tea tastes especially good after the hot hamam.

Spa room
Spa room
In this spa room you will have a aroma oil massage about 45 minutes. Slow music and aroma scent will bring you into sweet dreams.

After these 2 hours experiences, you'll be a totally different person! You'd feel your body and the mind is lighter. We can assure you that this will be one of your best experiences in Morocco!

Please contact us if you're interested in Hamam & Spa experience in Marrakesh!


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