Monday 29 April 2013

Walk on the Fossils in the Desert!

Our city Erfoud is world-famous for its fossil mines & quarries, and small factories in town are processing fossil stones everyday to make tables, trays, and accessories.
If you have a chance to stay in Erfoud, please experience the fossil world!

Many of the fossil processing is still a hand-made work. If you go to one of the factories, you can actually see how the stones are cut, and how to shape tables and trays.

Gift products are sent to shops all around Morocco from Erfoud factories. None of them has the same shape or the same pattern. if you buy one, that's the only one in the world!

When you go ahead to mines and quarries in the desert, you'll see big mountains and sometimes kasbahs which were built long time ago. This one was made for some kind of military purposes. It's totally a ruin but we can still get to the half of the watch tower.

Near the mines and quarries, you can find a traditional Berber style guesthouse. Have a tea for a break!

Near the quarry, ancient ammonites and squids are everywhere, just under your steps.

Sunset in the desert is always amazing, the sky changes the color a little by little. You can feel lucky just by seeing these beautiful sunsets.

Enjoy Erfoud with us!
Fossil Mine & Factory Day Trip

by Morocco Desert Palm Tours

Saturday 27 April 2013

Don't Miss the Pyramid in Morocco!

Just by half an hour drive from Erfoud in Morocco, you'll find great monuments which you may never have seen before. We'll show you around!

In the middle of the desert, you'll find several huts which have stairs to the underground.

In the underground, you'll find big pipes where water was running a long time ago. Berber people brought water with these underground pipes to their oasis to make plants and vegetables.

If you go further into the desert this underground waterpipes, you'll meet huge monuments in the desert. It actually is artificial, but it's in the middle of nowhere! Who made this? For what? How?

This is an art of work by a German artist, Hannsjörg Voth. It had been his dream to complete his artworks in the vast desert and he did it in Morocco. He also made his rooms in this artwork, "Sky Stairs." You could actually live here if you find electricity and water.

And this is not the only thing! He made another two! This is called "Golden Spiral." It also has rooms inside but it's not open to public.

And the third one is here, "The City of Orion." This is a complex of different style buildings and some of them look like watchtowers.

This is a very interesting unique experience. Why don't you visit there with us?
Erfoud Day Trip

And Hannsjörg Voth's website is here.

by Morocco Desert Palm Tours

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Find Ksars, Local People's Traditional Houses!

In the southern part of Morocco, you'll find many "ksar," which is a group of local people's houses. Usually surrounded by thick walls, sometimes it had a roll of fortress. In modern days, it's like an apartment of local people and since it often has a mosque or shops in side the ksar, you could say ksar itself is a small village.

This is a very big and traditional ksar in Erfoud, Maadid.
Lately, the government started the reconstruction of the ksar and the new mosque is being built at the entrance of the ksar.
Ksars are usually made of abobe, it's really difficult to keep their original style.

If you go deep into the palm trees, you'll find many more interesting ksars. Be careful, people keeping traditional life are often rather shy, they don't like to be photographed.

This is an entranced of a ksar. It looks like just a gate of the walls, but once you get inside, maze-like streets are spreading among small houses.

Streets in ksars are usually covered on top and it's really dark. Animals are also living in the same place and you sometimes here chicken's sound.

When you get to the top, you'll see a nice view. Ait Ben Haddou, one of the UNESCO World Heritages sites, has just the same kind of interior. The tradition of ksar is here and there, from the old times to the modern ages in the desert and oasis area.

by Morocco Desert Palm Tours / Erfoud Day Trip

Sunday 21 April 2013

Ziz Valley, Heavenly Mountain View!

Errachidia, a southern city in Morocco is just a political center of the region and a military basement.
But the Ziz Valley between our city Erfoud and Errachidia has one of the most amazing views in Morocco.
Take a look at this, we are really proud of it!

Errachidia is a kind of new town, streets are long and straight.

Just a few minutes drive away from the center, you'll find a traditional village.

Right after the end of the village, the great view of Ziz Valley starts.

Quiet, no tourists, no cars. It's just heavenly.

One of our family members lives in Errachidia.

Tajine, olive, mint tea, and home made cookies! Perfect afternoon.

Traditional kitchen tools, just like museum pieces.

by Morocco Desert Palm Tours

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Merzouga Desert Camping, Must - do in Morocco!

If you want to know the real desert, go camping with a camel!
Everything but sand is around you.
Tajine in the camp, great sunrise over the dune ...
Once-in-a-lifetime unforgettable experience!

Depart from a nearby hotel. Leave your luggage here.

Small caravan with camels.

Here's your home tonight, Berber style tent.

No water, no electricity, but toilet is equipped.

Berbers prepare us Tajine.

Here's a chicken Tajine with seasonable vegetables.

You will have blankets in the tent.

Don't miss the sunrise!

Time to be back to the real world. Camel riding to the hotel.

Hot shower will be waiting for you.

And a big breakfast!

Let's join us!
Desert Camping with Sunrise and Sunset

by Morocco Desert Palm Tours

Saturday 6 April 2013

Must-Eat Berber Pizza in Rissani

Rissani is a small town close to the desert in Merzouga.
Most people just pass through here but it's worth stopping by or spending a day to enjoy shopping and food!

Berber pizza, a Morocan carzone is a Rissani's local specialty.
Minced ramb meat and a lot of vegetables, spices inside.

One eighth piece is already so huge!

Rissani is also famous with its souk. Less tourists, a lot of local people and local products.

Tea is everywhere in the souk.

Rissani is a hometown of Moulay Ali Cherif, the founder of the Moroccan current dynasty, Alaouite. His mousoleum is here in Rissani, non Muslims can visit the central court.

Rissani Day Trip, Morocco Desert Palm Tours

by Morocco Desert Palm Tours

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Our Kasbah Hotel is Under Construction

We will have a traditional kasbah style hotel, simlar to a local Berber house.
It locates in Erfoud, an oasis town at the entrance of the desert.
It's a large city with Royal Palace but the real charm of Erfoud is its quiet palm oasis and ksar, a group of traditional houses.
Our kasbah is in the middle of palm oasis.

A big palm tree is a landmark of our kasbah.

Walls are made with bricks.

Go up to the roof top terrace with stairs

This is supoosed to be the scenery from our kasbah's roof top terrace. Hotel guest will be able to have their breakfast here.

by Morocco Desert Palm Tours

Monday 1 April 2013

Good Morning from a Desert City Erfoud!

Erfoud is an oasis town at the entrance of the desert in Merzouga.
The town is surrounded by palm trees and at the sunrise, you can enjoy such a great view!
Why don't you try to wake up a little early when you visit the desert?

From a hotel in the center of Erfoud, Chez Gaby.

by Morocco Desert Palm Tours