Friday, 31 May 2013

Chez Laila, Kasbah Hotel in Skoura, Nice and Cozy!

Skoura is a small town in oasis, 30 minutes drive away from Ouarzazate city.
Lately, tourist come to stay here, to be away from busy town and enjoy beautiful palm groves!
Here's our favorite kasbah hotel in Skoura, Chez Laila,
The owner, Laila, is a Morrocan architect, designed many traditional houses in town.

Walk through a little garden to get to the hotel. It's like visiting someone's house.

Terrace on the upper floor. Here ou can enjoy nice cool breeze in the everning and also the view is great.

Each room has its own color and this one is blue. Warm sunlight makes you feel comfortable.

Lamp on the terrace. Simple design matches the traditional house.

Meals in Chez Laila is always amazine. You could stop by just for lunch, we can assure you a nice enjoyable break.

Lately they added a big fireplace in the salon. Skoura is rather cold in winter time, and you can spend a warm night here.

Lamp on the outside wall. Lamps are very important elements of Moroccan houses. it just changes how it looks like and how you feel.

Chez Laila
TEL /Fax: +212 5 24 85 22 56
GSM : +212 6 70 33 58 45
Skoura, Ouzarzazate, Morocco

Visit Skoura!
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