Thursday, 16 May 2013

Kasbah Ait Abou in Skoura, Stay in a Real Kasbah!

Skoura is a small oasis town, about 30 minutes drive from a desert city Ouarzazate.
Among those beautiful palm groves, you'll see a lot of old kasbahs, many of them are just ruins.

Kasbah Ait Abu is just like one of those hidden kasbahs but in this case, it is well restored and you can see what real kasbah is. Also, a part of it is a hotel room, you can actually stay in a real kasbah!

When you drive in dense palm groves, suddenly a huge beautiful kasbah appears. No paved way. No sign. You can never get here by yourself, always need a local person to show the way.

It has 3 stories, well restored to the top.

Enjoy the great view of Skoura palm groves! Everytime I see this view, I feel like I'm one the luckiest people in the world.

This is a salon for hotel guest. It'd be so nice to spend your evening here with tea and shisha.

It has a huge garden and local people are taking care of it. In spring time, you'll see beautiful flowers between palm trees.

You can go on a hike or bike ride from here but staying here just doing nothing, hiding away from the real world is one of the ideas. Maybe good for honeymooners :-)

Kasbah Ait Abou
Palmeraie De Skoura Bp30, Ouarzazate 45500, Morocco
They have 4 rooms, one of them is a bungalow.

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