Sunday, 2 June 2013

Ourika Valley, Fascinating Break from Marrakech!

The summer is coming! If you want to be a little away from the hot weather in Marrakech, a day trip to Ourika Valley is a great choice.
The view is amazing, the weather is nice, and it's just one hour drive away from Marrakech!
You just can't believe you're in the same region of the same country.

Right after you get out of the Marrakech town, you'll be in a beautiful Kik Plateau, with amazing panorama. You'll see quiet Berber villages here and you can stop by at one of them to have a tea break.

Once you get the Ourika Valley, you can feel cool breeze from the quiet stream. An ideal place to spend a sunny summer day.

Have some tea or lunch along the stream, in the shade. Local Morrocans also love to come over here to be away from the heat in Marrakch.

On the way back, outside of Marrakech, you can see some pottery factories. Tajine pots made here spread out to shops in Marrakech or all over Morocco.

The day is getting over. The afternoon sunlight in the mountains is gentle and beautiful.

Let's visit Marrakech and Ourika Valley with us!
Marrakech Day Trip
Ourika Valley Day Trip

by Morocco Desert Palm Tours


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  2. We are happy to hear your ourika excursions was such an amazing experience for you :)

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