Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ziz Valley, Heavenly Mountain View!

Errachidia, a southern city in Morocco is just a political center of the region and a military basement.
But the Ziz Valley between our city Erfoud and Errachidia has one of the most amazing views in Morocco.
Take a look at this, we are really proud of it!

Errachidia is a kind of new town, streets are long and straight.

Just a few minutes drive away from the center, you'll find a traditional village.

Right after the end of the village, the great view of Ziz Valley starts.

Quiet, no tourists, no cars. It's just heavenly.

One of our family members lives in Errachidia.

Tajine, olive, mint tea, and home made cookies! Perfect afternoon.

Traditional kitchen tools, just like museum pieces.

by Morocco Desert Palm Tours

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