Saturday 27 April 2013

Don't Miss the Pyramid in Morocco!

Just by half an hour drive from Erfoud in Morocco, you'll find great monuments which you may never have seen before. We'll show you around!

In the middle of the desert, you'll find several huts which have stairs to the underground.

In the underground, you'll find big pipes where water was running a long time ago. Berber people brought water with these underground pipes to their oasis to make plants and vegetables.

If you go further into the desert this underground waterpipes, you'll meet huge monuments in the desert. It actually is artificial, but it's in the middle of nowhere! Who made this? For what? How?

This is an art of work by a German artist, Hannsjörg Voth. It had been his dream to complete his artworks in the vast desert and he did it in Morocco. He also made his rooms in this artwork, "Sky Stairs." You could actually live here if you find electricity and water.

And this is not the only thing! He made another two! This is called "Golden Spiral." It also has rooms inside but it's not open to public.

And the third one is here, "The City of Orion." This is a complex of different style buildings and some of them look like watchtowers.

This is a very interesting unique experience. Why don't you visit there with us?
Erfoud Day Trip

And Hannsjörg Voth's website is here.

by Morocco Desert Palm Tours

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