Monday, 29 April 2013

Walk on the Fossils in the Desert!

Our city Erfoud is world-famous for its fossil mines & quarries, and small factories in town are processing fossil stones everyday to make tables, trays, and accessories.
If you have a chance to stay in Erfoud, please experience the fossil world!

Many of the fossil processing is still a hand-made work. If you go to one of the factories, you can actually see how the stones are cut, and how to shape tables and trays.

Gift products are sent to shops all around Morocco from Erfoud factories. None of them has the same shape or the same pattern. if you buy one, that's the only one in the world!

When you go ahead to mines and quarries in the desert, you'll see big mountains and sometimes kasbahs which were built long time ago. This one was made for some kind of military purposes. It's totally a ruin but we can still get to the half of the watch tower.

Near the mines and quarries, you can find a traditional Berber style guesthouse. Have a tea for a break!

Near the quarry, ancient ammonites and squids are everywhere, just under your steps.

Sunset in the desert is always amazing, the sky changes the color a little by little. You can feel lucky just by seeing these beautiful sunsets.

Enjoy Erfoud with us!
Fossil Mine & Factory Day Trip

by Morocco Desert Palm Tours

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