Saturday 29 March 2014

Asilah, Stay in the Seaside Apartment along the Atlantic Ocean

Asilah is a small seaside town in Morocco, and it's getting popular lately with its beautiful streets, wall art, and the view of great Atlantic Ocean.

Why not staying your spring or summer holiday here, convenient apartment is provided inside and outside of the town. Here we are showing one of them.

Teatime in Asilah
Tea time along the swimming pool
If you sit at a table near the sea having some tea, you'll feel like you'll be there forever forgetting about everything. It's a magic of Morocco!

Apartment in Asilah
Apartment in Asilah
This is one of the apartments in Asilah, very quiet, a little outside of the town but still enough close to get some food or to visit restaurants.

Hallway in the apartment in Asilah
Hallway of the apartment
They have a great hallway, just like a riad or funduk. Maybe this is a part of the tradition of Moroccan architecture.

Bedroom of the apartment
The room is nice and cozy. They have a kitchen, bathroom and a washing machine is provided.

Seaside street in Asilah
Seaside street in Aslah
The town is small, but there's a long way along the seaside. It'll be fun walking along here in the morning or around the sunset time.

Courtyard of the apartment
A peaceful moment. This place is so close to modernized Tangier, but local people's quiet life is still preserved here. People in Asilah are warm and friendly. Away from the city life, you will be able to have a memorable holiday here.

Please contact us if you're interested in holiday in Asilah!


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