Friday 21 June 2013

Fossil Museum in Erfoud, Back in Jurassic Time!

If you drive through the city of Erfoud, you'll see huge models of dinosaur in front of buildings here and there. These are fossil museums, which is one the Erfoud's must-visit places.
The city locates on the quite old land and the fossils have been excavated since long time ago.
Let's visit the museum and meet ammonites and dinosaurs!

This one could be a fake, but there must have been this type of dinosaurs in the Jurassic period. Looks like Tyranno? But unfortunately, Tyrannos don't belong to the Jurassic period.

This is one of the museums. It has models, could-be-true fossils, and products made from fossils!

Ancient insects? Huge!

Seems like tadpoles but also quite big!

A kind of fish. This place was used to under the sea.

A kind of crocodiles. Ancient crocodiles had legs and they were walking around like dinosaurs!

Small fossils are sold here.

And they also have alabaster. It's almost transparent, good to make lamps.

Stones with fossils can be curved into furniture. You'll see tables and basins made of fossil stones!

Let's visit the fossil museum with us!
Fossil Mine and Factory

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