Saturday 29 June 2013

Chefchaouen, Blue Town in the Rif Mountains!

Chefchaouen is just a small town in the Rif Mountains in the north Morocco, but so many people want to visit here just one time during their trip.
This town is very famous with its "blue" houses. Once you get into the medina, you'd feel like you are in a fantasy world!

Walls and the doors of the buildings are painted in blue. The medina, old town, looks even more mysterious!

It's a small town on the hill side of the Rif Mountains. People are attracted by its atomosphere.

Somehow it looks beautiful even at night and also, very safe.

The kasbah, the fortress of the sultan is in the center of the town. This place has a long history, based on this kasbah, the Islams fought against Europe.

Outside of the medina, the streets are also very complicated and something like a maze.

Medina's gate. Out of this place, just quiet mountains and small rivers. So peaceful!

Visit Chefchaouen with us!
Chefchaouen Day Trip

by Morocco Desert Palm Tours

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