Friday, 3 May 2013

More about Desert with Merzouga 4WD Driving!

Desert camping with camel is not the only attraction in Merzouga.
If you get in there with a 4WD car, you'll fine more about amazing desert nature.
Let's go deep into the desert with us!

Petrol station with a supermarket in the desert. Our 4WD with filled petrol will take us to the desert, with no one around!

Some people have heard about this strange place. There's a big lake in the middle of the desert and you can see birds arrving here, sometimes it's flamingos. No tree. Only some short grasses are around there.

Stop by an African village to enjoy gnawa music show. Gnawa is an African Islamic traditional music and now it's quite popular in Morocco.

When it rains, there's a river here. But usually, it's just dry like this, something called wadi (dried river).

Over the great view of the dried river, local boys are selling stones and minerals on top pf the hill. Precious stones and minerals are local specialties of this area.

Modern Merzouga town was firstly developed by European military. Now the town was moved and the old place is still there just like ruins.

Here's a big mine in the desert. Various kinds of precious stones are minerals are digged and processed here.

This worker has very specific skills of taking our precious stones. You can actually see how they work.

Time for lunch! Berber tent is cool even in the shiny desert weather.

Salad, brochette (broiled meat) or tajine are served here. Very relaxing afternoon time is passing in the shadowy Berber tent.

And a long driving before you get to the Merzouga town. There are no roads and no signs in the desert but the drivers somehow know how to get the right directions. They are naturally trained in the desert.

Join us for Merzouga 4WD Desert Trip"

by Morocco Desert Palm Tours

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