Sunday 19 May 2013

Kasbah Glaoui, a Palace in High Atlas!

Between Marakech and Ait Ben Haddou, near the Hight Atlas Mountains, you'll find the Kasbah Telouet. This is a kasbah of the famous Glaoui family in Marrakech area. In earty 19th century, they had a great influence in the region.

Kasbah Telouet is huge, almost like a palace and beautiful mosaic walls are preserved inside. You need to take a rough road from Marrakech to Ait Ben Haddou to stop by here and it's worth it.

If you just take a look at it from the outside, it looks like a total ruin. But don't go away! Something precious is still there inside.

It is like a museum. Someone will be waiting for you to take the entrance fee.

Wooden doors have amazing decorations, just like the Bahia Palace in Marrakch.

On the walls, beautiful zerij mosaic.

The view is amazing. Mountains, greens and peaceful berber villages. You'll see why the Glaoui family built their kasbah here.

One of the best Islamic architecture in Morocco. You should not miss it if you drive in the High Atlas!

If you are not sure how to walk around, local people will show you as a guide. If you visit here just as an individual tourist, it'd be a good idea because the kasbah is really big.

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