Tuesday 15 October 2013

Fez Medina is a Traditional Wonderland in Morocco!

Comparing to the importance of Marrakech, I think Fez is underestimated by tourists.
Fez is more traditional, conservative and the buildings are more beautiful!
Let's check out the beauty of the medina in Fez together.

Bab Bou Jeloud
To explore the medina of Fez,  always start from this Bab Bou Jeloud. Many of the important streets begin here and if you understand the direction of this gate, you'll never get lost!

Bou Inania Madrasa
The first stop in the medina of Fez will be this Bou Inania Madrasa. An Islamic school built by a 14th sultan. Fez was once the center of Islamic study and sometimes called "Mecca in the West", or "Athens in Africa".

Nejarine Square
Everyone stops at Nejarine Square to admire this beautiful fountain. It suddenly appears after the maze-like narrow streets.

Caravans used to stop here to rest their camels and themselves. Now this is a museum to show the history of Moroccan's local daily life.

Attarine souk
Attarine souk is one of the oldest souks in Fez. This is not a typical touristic shopping street. You can see local people go and come in this busy street.

Attarine Madrasa
This is another Istamic school in Fez, at the end of the Attarine souk. And you should never miss this place. Look at these amazing tile works and plaster decorations!

Karaouine Mosque
One of the oldest university in the world, and it still works as a university and mosque. An interesting thing is, this university / mosque was established by women, daughters of a wealthy merchant moved from Tunisia.

Incense shop owner
Shops around the Karaouine mosquye sell incenses, herb oils, perfumes, something spiritual for our life.

Tanneries in Fez is huge and the most famous in Morocco. Workers are making leather from animal skins. If you want to get the whole picture, step up one of the buildings and look down from a window.

To see all around the medina in Fes, just a half day is not enough. A whole day or maybe more if you want!

Let's visit Fez with us!
Fez Day Trip

by Morocco Desert Palm Tours

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